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We're a growing group of learners who are deeply exploring the past, back to when we were hapinness. Exploring the roots to contribute to a paradigm shift. From living in fear to living in LOVE
We're all ONE

True Midwife
I am Leona. You may have known me as Irene Garzón before. The first time I saw a baby being born, I was a teenager and I was completely fascinated by that newborn; the wonder of the birth process. I studied nursing because it is the way to become a midwife in Spain and once I finished my degree, I went to work in the UK. After a year as a nurse there, I agreed to study midwife training and in 2002 I became a “Midwife”. Since then I have worked as such in the UK, Spain and Bangladesh. Since my beginnings I have been training and working so that each woman has the experience of pregnancy, labor, and birth that they want. For such a sublime moment in our lives to be lived as such.
I am the mother of 3 girls whose pregnancies I really enjoyed: I learned to reconnect with my body, to listen and understand each other.  They all were born in  exultant, wonderful, intimate births, ours. I lived  puerperiums full with their lights and their shadows and I learned a lot from the experience of being a mother, from living that process myself as untammed as it gets, very well and only supported by my husband, my daughters' father.
There's a 10y age difference gap between my two oldest and my  toddler. 
Being able to experience birth again has truly reconnected me again with myself and my daughters. 
In 2015 I published my first book  "The womb-emptying society", a novel about pregnancy and childbirth in Spain in which you will acquire relevant information about all your pregnancy and birth options, the tests that are offered and the benefits and risks of each of them. You will not be able to put it down.
Krishinda Power-DuFF
True Midwife
I have been an orthodox Buddhist for over 36 years, so at the age of 52 that is more than half my life. Living my life based in Buddhist philosophy has deeply affected every other area of my life. In the Buddhism I practice we focus on creating value in our lives and supporting others to become truly happy. We see every difficulty and challenge as an opportunity for growth and to deepen our compassion and prove our faith by overcoming them one at a time.   As a mother I have used this philosophy throughout the years of raising my children and in particular when I had my third child. My birth was deeply traumatic and I suffered from postnatal depression. But within this experience was an opportunity for growth and to find a way to support other women who could find themselves in a similar situation to me.   After my experience I decided to train as a midwife and try to give women the love and support I knew they needed in pregnancy, labour and the postnatal period.   With three small children in tow I did my three midwifery degree in Bristol in the UK and once qualified moved to Barcelona Spain, where I had my daughter and my traumatic birth. I began working with an amazing team of homebirth midwives and this has been my life ever since.   Normality in birth is my passion and I have spent over 10 years supporting beautiful families to have the births they wanted both at home and in hospital, with love, dignity, and respect.

Acupuncturist and Naturopath
I entered the world of alternative therapies hand in hand with a great midwife: my partner. Many times, I accompanied her during her visits. It was strange for me to see how many of the aches and pains of women during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum seemed to have no solution and they had no other choice but to "hold on." Then Zoé, our second daughter was born at home. During the labour I could feel how by simply pressing on certain points on my partner's back, she would feel absolutely alleviated. There was something magical there and I absolutely wanted to discover more to understand how this could happen. That was the beginning of a journey during several years and through different countries (Thailand, India, Indonesia, Canada, United Kingdom, ...) training, specializing and looking for formulas and therapies. Techniques that could provide me with answers and the most effective tools that I am so happy to have the chance to be able to use now everyday and to be sharing with you today. 
From the Yucatán peninsula in Mexico, Doña Teresa is a Sobadora. Sobar in Spanish means to knead, to touch with intention to change, to shape.
As most indigenous shamans, her knowledge came from her ancestors. Her mother was a sobadora and Dª Teresa asked her again and again to teach her.
Her mom said she’d learn when she was ready. After birthing two children Dª Teresa finally heard those words she had been waiting for so long “Now, you’re ready”
People come to her for her medicine. Although she gives her medicine to anyone who asks for her, la sobada uterina is, with no doubt, what her wise hands have given the most.
I’ve been honoured with her medicine and blessed with her powerful healing
Osteoporosis doesn’t allow her to move far distances so people come to her. However, her mobility is a burden to her medicine. She enjoys sewing and makes beautiful rebozos.
Doña Antonia
From the same community as Dª Teresa, Dª Antonia is the wisest person I’ve ever met.
She’s a Shaman and her medicine is most powerful.
Her mother and her father were both shamans. She was born into midwifery.
I first met Dª Antonia pregnant with my youngest. I’d have gone searching for her, pregnant or not but I WAS.
I left her home feeling like the best mother, the best pregnant woman who had ever walked the Earth. I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. My husband felt for the first time after 3 daughters that someone treated him as what was happening to him was the greatest thing a person can ever experience! Sure, much greater for a woman but that doesn’t remove any of the greatness of becoming a father.
Lúa also left there full of love
Her wisdom is limitless.
When you hear her speak she actually makes you feel you own that wisdom, like she just puts it in front of you and you realize you are as wise as her. You feel like you always knew but somehow you learn it just now.
That’s HER medicine
My uterus swells up with joy in her presence. I believe every woman’s who experiences her medicine.
True Midwife
Julia Hernandez Pollard is a dedicated witness, guide and space holder for life transitions connected with the childbearing continuum. She has been blessed to study under the guidance of esteemed mentors such as Elizabeth Davis, Angelina Martinez, Whapio, Irene Garzon, Rachelle Garcia Seliga, Nneka Hall, and Yo Soy Gaia, among others.
Through Julia's journey, there is a profound commitment to the re-membering of the importance of recognizing, witnessing, and honoring our rites of passage. She believes in the sacredness of these transitions and endeavors to support individuals in embracing their inherent power and wisdom throughout the cycles of life, especially during menarche, birth, and postpartum.
With a compassionate heart and an open mind, Julia seeks to create nurturing and empowering spaces where individuals can journey through their own unique experiences with grace and strength. Through Julia's work, there is a dedication to fostering deeper connections to self, community, and the natural rhythms of life.
Julia has given birth to four children at home with licensed and unlicensed midwives, and with only family present. Each birth has left an indelible mark, shaping her understanding of the human spirit and physiology, and the innate power within each individual. She resides on occupied spuyaləpabš territory in Washington, USA. Her other passions include foraging and herbal remedies, dancing/Zumba, reading, and spending time in nature with her family.

Our Vision

The way we are born will shape our future. We must do everything we possibly can to leave the greatest act of LOVE undisturbed.
The future of humanity depends on it.
If you are here it means you are a curious soul searching for new knowledge to make the care you provide become more integral. It’s extremely rewarding to see you are looking to enhance your knowledge in different complementary therapies to fit your specifically shaped professional path.
True midwifery school started from my own need to learn more about how to help women achieve the birth experience they wanted.
If you are a midwife, a birth keeper, a woman, man... looking for information about sexual health, you’ve reached the right place. Our courses will not only enhance your knowledge, but will also help you develop a much more holistic care.
Many midwifery trainings worldwide are system oriented, thus missing the true essence of midwifery.

Where is the ancestral knowledge passed by generations of wise women?

Where is the knowledge of touch, not only skins but souls?

Where is intuition, listening to our instincts?

Can you really think of a better expert in your own body than yourself? If you are planning to get pregnant or already are, if you are a mother, a father, a partner, a midwife, a doula… we’ve developed these courses for you. Full of knowledge and LOVE.

Let’s spread it together!
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