Pregnancy and birth preparation with a thriller twist

Birth like never told before

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If you are into respectful pregnancy care, this book is a MUST, and also fun!.
— Dr. Toni Brito (OBGYN)
One of the best books I've ever read.
— Laura Solas (Midwife)
One of the best books about pregnancy I have read. Through fiction, it takes us to the different types of pregnancies and ways of experiencing childbirth. I want second part now.
— Amazon customer
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About the book

Sonia & Guillermo are siblings whose wives are best friends. Carmen is struggling with adiction. Sarah's previous pregnancies ended very soon. Elena is 19 & lives with her very conservative parents. Lorena is an escort with very exclusive clients, Ingrid has decided to be a lone mother. Ana is a midwife who dislikes her job very much. Celia, on the other hand, is the midwife you wish could accompany every woman on Earth. Dr López is a racist, homophobic, misogynistic doctor who works with sharp Herminia, the best possible nurse for women who come thru his door.

Accompany them & their families throughout their pregnancies as they understand the different processes and make their choices.

The author is an experienced midwife who has worked in most midwifery settings including homebirth, education & cooperation. She is also a story teller & you will not find a book of its kind.

The characters work their magic while you get hooked into their lives. Not only you will have a deeper & clearer understanding of the tests, options & alternatives for you and your baby but very likely you will find yourself devouring pages to find out what happens next.

Parentcraft preparation with a thriller twist." Are you still reading? Go on, get this book. It has everything you need told how you like! Birth like never told before.

About the author

Congratulations on your pregnancy! It's quite likely that if you are reading this you are happily pregnant (but if not “happily”, I’m so sorry for you). If you are not pregnant , you are probably a midwife or your job is, like mine, to help women lead fuller lives.

I have been an educator & a midwife since 2002. The more time I've spent with women, the more I’ve understood what we need from midwifery services. This has taken me from training & working in several English hospitals, to working in Spain, my home country, not only in several hospitals but independently for many years.When I gave birth to my daughters I knew everything I needed and had the most joyous experiences of my life. I then decided to make this information available to others. Yes, this information was available but, let’s be honest! We don’t start studying midwifery when we fall pregnant, do we? That’s where the idea of writing a novel arose!


The main story will be based in a busy maternity unit in a Spanish hospital, where not only we will see the intricacies of what happens inside it but the relationships between their different professionals, the power struggles, their reflections, their affairs…And then, I can tell the lives of several women with very different lives… and that’s how “La sociedad que vaciaba úteros” was born.

It was first published in 2015 and the Spanish world embraced it dearly, giving me almost as much joy as my other 2 “babies”. In 2020 it has been published in English as “The womb emptying society” & “Once upon a pregnancy”. It is the same book with two different titles as the majority of the English world do not know my professional trajectory and its original title might put off anyone looking for a light, fun read.

With a toddler & a baby, our family started travelling to improve our knowledge in how to help the world in a more individual but, at the same time, global way. We learnt chinese medicine, naturopathy, massages, we learnt how women’s services are in Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal, India, we lived 1.5 years in Bangladesh helping with the development of the midwifery career.Now we’ve been in the UK for over 5 years & I've been working at a birth center, lecturing at Universities & developing a different way to care for our future.

At present I’m working solely independently again as a global midwifery educator, developing courses and writing to make the world a better, more joyous place. If you'd like to support our life project, please purchase this book, follow me on Facebook and share my work if you consider it worth it!Muchas gracias & Happy reading!
True Midwife and Writer
“To those women and babies who have had a joyous birth, but specially to all those who did not”

Irene Garzón Núñez

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