Healing for Women Ready to Prioritize Themselves

Jan 16 / Irene Garzón
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If you're awakening to healing and are ready to take action, you know about putting yourself first, boundaries, people pleasing, patriarchy, matrescence... but don't know where to go from this, keep reading, scroll to the last couple of headings if you are tight for time!
If this is the first time you read me, muchas gracias y bienvenida.

Starting from the beginning: with ugly societal expectations on women

For far too long, societal expectations have confined women to the notion that our primary purpose is to please the male gaze – from our bodies to the very houses we inhabit. There’s a standard and women must keep up.  It's time to break free from this oppressive narrative. What we do to please others says a lot about how much we love ourselves.

Hey, sister,  it's time to reclaim our autonomy. Our sovereignty.

Let’s see what’s all this about and how to make it happen.

#1: Recognizing the Need for Change

The first step in your healing journey is acknowledging that the societal narrative we've been fed for centuries is nothing short of nonsense. Putting others' needs before our own, driven by an inability to say no, is a form of self-neglect. It's time to say "enough" and put yourself first.

#2: Pursuing Your Dreams Unapologetically

Have you ever felt that your dreams were dismissed or diminished when discussed with others, particularly with those close to you? It's a pattern rooted in societal conditioning, especially for women. It's time to break free from the silence and pursue your dreams unapologetically.

#3: Putting Yourself First

The key to true happiness lies in prioritizing your own well-being. It's about recognizing that the only person who can make you truly happy is a healed version of yourself. You can learn how to take those steps towards prioritizing your own needs, desires, and happiness.

#4: Overcoming People-Pleasing Habits

If you've identified yourself as a people-pleaser, it's a crucial realization. Working on assertiveness and finding your voice is an essential part of the healing process. You can develope strategies to communicate effectively and set healthy boundaries.

Breaking habits: the fucking truth

Guess what? How do you think it's going to change? Who needs to take a step back and take some perspective? The only person that can make you truly happy is you, a healed you. So take the hand I'm offering. It's time to put yourself first, it's time to heal, to tell the world "enough of your abuse". 

Yes! From now on I'm going to become me! 


How do I start? 

Yes, I recognize I'm a people's pleaser, I need to work on my assertiveness, speak up my mind but in a certain way... 

Lost already? This is because being able to identify trauma is just the first step to healing and it's a great first step, congratulations! But you need help to navigate this. I can help you. Greatly and deeply.

However, you have to walk your path. It's going to have some dark, scary corners and I can't walk your path for you but I can assure you I can shine the brightest light there is for it and I'll be here, next to you so you have the strength to walk your path and start your journey towards THRIVING.

What are you going to do after reading this? Are you gonna take action, or are you gonna leave it for later? 

When are you going to change your survival mode for the thriving one?

The time to heal and live a plenty joyful life is NOW

*Although I try to accommodate as many people who need me as I can, I’m a mother of 3 who puts herself first and my coaching spaces are very limited. Please reach out, I’d love to hear from you.
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