Sex after menopause

Feb 29

In a world where youth often takes center stage in discussions about sexuality, the notion of exploring intimacy after the age of 50 might seem unconventional or even taboo. However, what if we've been misled about what intimacy looks like as we age? What if, instead of a decline, it's an opportunity for a remarkable renaissance in our sexual lives?
Picture this: you've passed the halfway mark of life's journey, perhaps your children have grown and left the nest, and the pressures of parenting have eased. Suddenly, you find yourself with more time, more freedom, and perhaps a newfound sense of liberation. And amidst this newfound freedom lies the potential for a deeply fulfilling and vibrant sexual experience.
It's time to challenge the narratives that suggest sex after 50 is lackluster or non-existent. Just like the myth of cigarettes being incredibly addictive, perhaps we've been sold a false narrative about the decline of sexual pleasure with age. I remember reading a book in my early twenties that made me question the perceived addictiveness of smoking, and it ultimately led me to quit effortlessly. Similarly, could it be that societal norms have painted a skewed picture of sexuality in our mature years?
Let's examine the possibilities:

No way a babe!

One of the most liberating aspects of sex after menopause is the absence of reproductive concerns. No more worrying about unwanted pregnancies means mature couples can fully immerse themselves in the pleasure of the moment without inhibition.

Time and space

 With children grown and fewer demands on our time, there's newfound space to focus on ourselves and our partners. This can lead to a deeper, more intimate connection as we explore each other's desires and fantasies.

Embracing curiosity

Just as we may have suppressed our curiosity about certain aspects of sex in our younger years, now is the time to explore those dark corners that have always intrigued us. Whether it's experimenting with new techniques, exploring kinks, or simply taking the time to savor each other's bodies, the possibilities are endless.

Just imagine how sex improves as you have more sex together. If you can make sex after 40 more fun and better than after 30, why can’t you make sex after 60 better than sex after 50?

A focus on pleasure, Mmnnhhh

In our mature years, we have the wisdom and experience to prioritize pleasure above all else. Instead of worrying about performance or societal expectations, we can focus on what truly brings us and our partner satisfaction, leading to a more fulfilling and authentic sexual experience.

Sex after menopause

Yes, exploring sexuality after 50, practicing sex after menopause requires bravery and a willingness to challenge preconceived notions. It may require effort and communication with our partners. But just as giving up smoking led to a newfound sense of freedom for me, embracing sexuality in our mature years can open doors to a level of intimacy and pleasure we may have never imagined.

Mind blowing experiences!

So, let's dare to defy the myths and stereotypes surrounding sex and aging. Let's embrace this stage of life as an opportunity for growth, exploration, and yes, even mind-blowing pleasure. After all, if this could be the best sex of our lives, isn't it worth giving it a try?

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