Women and sex

Jun 29 / Irene Garzón
Most of the things I study are about women, our bodies, our physiology, our role in the world, evolution, and above all, our sexuality. The sexual expression of pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding ... Fortunately, many other women understood before me the sexual nature of our existence, so after all, I only had to search, delve into what others have lived, seen and written before me. Of course, it’s an underground world and you have to search a lot. But once you find it, there is a whole world of empowered women who live the sexuality of their bodies in a free, wild way. The deeper I search for this female sexual pleasure, the more a wonderful world of liberated pleasure opens up to me. 

At the same time, I find how far the claws of female sexual oppression reach. How the system has managed to completely separate us from our bodies. Make us believe that they do not belong to us. Above all, our pleasure does not belong to us. It is there from our fetal stage. We touch our vulva inside the womb, we give ourselves pleasure, because that’s the intention. What’s good for our sexual development.

At the end of the day our lives depend on it.

‘Every being is born, grows, reproduces and dies.’

 Our ultimate mission in this life is to reproduce. And, I repeat, our lives depend on it.

From the moment we are born they cover our vulva. When we access it, if someone sees us, it is very likely that they’ll shame our behavior. They will train us that this is wrong and, at most, we will relegate it to moments of intimacy alone where we feel our true selves, safe. Doing what we are biologically programmed to do but told not to do. We do not understand but we comply.

And so we grow, surrounded by repressed people who repress us. They teach us to endure, to swallow, to put on certain clothes, that even if we don't like them or make us uncomfortable, it doesn't matter, because we don't belong to ourselves. We are not here for ourselves but for the sexual satisfaction of others.

Our sexuality, what is expected from us is modulated for the enjoyment of others.

Female sexual pleasure is frowned upon. Period.

We are taught to keep it quiet, not to show it, to be modest, to control ourselves.

Now, when we have sex then we are expected to be wild and to enjoy in a liberated way when we have been oppressed from birth.

So how do we do it? Well yes, dear, we fake it. Because there is no one who understands why the world represses your most primary drive but demands that you experience it to its fullest expression when demanded to do so. And that is impossible.

We have to learn a behavior that we could have innately if it was not completely buried in the depths of our being: to experience pleasure.


When HE wants. What HE says. Until HE says. As HE says. As much as HE says.

Female sexual behavior has been erased in such a way that we don't even know what is sexual and what is not.

How is it possible that we have been led to believe that pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, upbringing are not part of the same sexual whole?

We understand that sex is sex when we fuck but they have made us think that everything that derives from it is no longer so. We have learned that pregnancy is not sexual, childbirth is not sexual, the puerperium is not sexual ...

Do you have an idea why?

Because MEN are not part of it. Because THAT sexuality does not belong to them. Their sexuality is much more primitive and is limited to courting the female and fertilizing her. They have even managed, on many occasions, to skip the courtship part. They abuse us and fuck us, many times without even using much violence, because they have been doing it since we were born. Because many times it is not necessary, especially if we know the perpetrator.

For us, our sexuality only BEGINS with intercourse. Once fertilized, our sexuality begins to grow. Our pregnancy is sexual. Oxytocin is the main hormone for pregnancy to develop as it should. So this new being that grows in us develops its sexual capacity to the maximum. Oxytocin is the hormone of love, orgasm, the hormone of enjoyment in general and sexual enjoyment in particular. During pregnancy, many women, sexually liberated, express how their ability to reach orgasm is much more developed, they have many more Erotic dreams. We are even awakened by an orgasm or in a state of sexual arousal such that the simple touch of our genitals will trigger one.

When we give birth, we reach the maximum expression of our sexuality.

The male orgasm has a reason for being. It is necessary to fertilize the female.

And ours? What is female orgasm necessary for?
For everything else. Our orgasm during intercourse favors conception. It tells our body to prepare to conceive, to put all the resources in motion, it warns the ovaries, the tubes, the uterus, and especially the brain to prepare because it is very likely that there are sperm inside, even our orgasm helps them travel to the egg much faster.

Within female sexuality, and not by giving less importance to any of them, but by restoring the importance unjustly taken away, what is the event in a woman's sexual life that culminates in the greatest climax, many of them transcendental?

What is the process that grows in sexual intensity until it culminates in the most incredible sensation that a human being can experience?

Yes, without any doubt giving birth is the sexual culmination of our existence.

Have you read birth stories of free women?

Women who have given birth sexually?

Wild births?

NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING has more power in the world than this.

And then, why aren’t we massively doing it?

I think you already know the answer.

If women have been sexually trapped since we were born, how could men let us experience this? How could our sexuality be infinitely more fulfilling, satisfying, immense and complex than theirs?

Unlike in men, women's orgasm does not seem to be essential for the survival of the species.

That's how ignorant we are. Yes, without female orgasms, without joyful pregnancies and momentous births, we still produce offspring that perpetuate us. Because being able to improve the species generation after generation, being able to reproduce in love, and everything that it means: fucking with love, giving birth with love, raising our offspring with love… we have chosen not to. Just because MEN cannot experience it, they have taken it from us. Simple and pure envy: I can't have it, well neither can you.

And we keep calling ourselves the intelligent species. Most species improve over time.

All except the one that calls itself the intelligent one. Sniff

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