The Emotional Breast

A wholistic look at breastfeeding and how our emotions affect us in this time.
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What is the emotional breast about?

The emotional breast is a journey into the physiology of breastfeeding and into pain, pleasure and trauma.
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Meet the instructor

Krishinda Powers-Duff

I have been an orthodox Buddhist for over 36 years, so at the age of 52 that is more than half my life. Living my life based in Buddhist philosophy has deeply affected every other area of my life. In the Buddhism I practice we focus on creating value in our lives and supporting others to become truly happy. We see every difficulty and challenge as an opportunity for growth and to deepen our compassion and prove our faith by overcoming them one at a time. As a mother I have used this philosophy throughout the years of raising my children and in particular when I had my third child. My birth was deeply traumatic and I suffered from postnatal depression. But within this experience was an opportunity for growth and to find a way to support other women who could find themselves in a similar situation to me. After my experience I decided to train as a midwife and try to give women the love and support I knew they needed in pregnancy, labour and the postnatal period. With three small children in tow I did my three midwifery degree in Bristol in the UK and once qualified moved to Barcelona Spain, where I had my daughter and my traumatic birth. I began working with an amazing team of homebirth midwives and this has been my life ever since. Normality in birth is my passion and I have spent over 10 years supporting beautiful families to have the births they wanted both at home and in hospital, with love, dignity, and respect.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Frequently asked questions

When does the course start and when does it end?

One of the fantastic advantages of online courses is that there is no start or end date. In this course, you set your own pace and decide when you start it and when you finish it.

How long will I be able to access the course?

What if it the answer was: you entire life? Once started, you'll have unlimited access and whenever you want it on the devices of your choice. That's another of the fantastic advantages of studying online.

What if I don't like the course?

We will refund your money. As easy as that! When you sign up for one of our courses you have an entire month to enjoy it. If you are not satisfied with it within one month and have not used it for any accreditation, you'll get your money back!

What if I am stuck in the course or if I have doubts?

NO PROBLEMO! You can email them all your questions, doubts or thoughts to us. In addition, we offer you a personalized service. If in prcatical courses such as acupressure, you have questions about your technique or the location of any point, send us a video and we will be happy to help you.

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